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This is what some of our customers have to say about Cernilton 


From Australia:


"I have been using Cernilton for quite sometime, It has certainly helped. I no longer have to get up four or five times a night and pain at passing urine has gone", - Mr. T. G., Buninyong, VIC, 17 January 2012


"It seems that I escape from hell and back to Heaven, why I say so because I could gradually recovery of my sex life to normal condition which is painful and shame experience for the past 10 years after I got this awful chronic prostatitis, my marriage nearly finished (my wife is 37 and I am already 56). Although I still have to go to toilet once at night yet compared with 4-5 times before.......definitely, it is big improvement. Sometimes I still feel uncomfortable but after I take a little more dosage from one and half tablets instead of one tablet for 2-3 days then every thing get well and afterwards I will back to normal dosage to 1 tablet x 3 times daily.
I can now sleep well, eat well, urine O.K. uncomfortable feeling big improvement, sex life back to normal, fallen hairs stopped and feel full of confidence and strength. Graminex Cernilton Flower Pollen really amazing and works which light up my life again. Thank you for yours wonderful products." - C.K. Chan, Hongkong, 5 August 2008


"I have been taking Cernilton for 6 months and have hound that the constant desire to urinate has been considerably reduced. I have tried several other natural preparations without any effect whatsoever. I can recommend Cernilton fully" - Mr. B, WA, 1 April 2008


"I have been using Cernilton for three months now and it really works for me. I have previously tried several other "natural" remedies but none of them stopped the feeling of wanting to urinate frequently like Cernilton does" - Peter B, Karrinyup, WA, 1 November 2007


"I just want to let you know that I have found Cernilton to decrease the urgency to want to urinate. This is extremely helpful for me as urgency was one of my major problems. I have been taking this product for some time and will continue to do so." - Allan L, VIC, 26 September 2007


"I wish to state that I have achieved a great deal of help from Cernilton. In my opinion it is an invaluable aid in the treatment of prostate problems. Over a period of time, I have placed several orders for your product thus giving an extensive test and found it to be vastly superior to other products I have tried." - Kevin J, Bathurst, NSW, 20 July 2007


"My continued use of your prostate product "Cernilton" has seen an embarrasing leakage problem revert to normal and 3-4 nightly toilet visits return to 1 or 2. I further agree with your findings that improvement began in 1-2 months after starting treatment. Thank You" - Colin F, Wodonga, VIC, 1st February 2007


"I am 88 years old and had prostate problems for years until I got hold of Cernilton prostate support formula. My trips to the toilet have gone from 10 time to 1 or none at all! My health and wellbeing has improved. Thank You!" - Christian A, Korumburra, VIC, 4th January 2007


"Since taking Cernilton tablets for the past six months, I have noticed an improvement in my sleeping pattern. Previously I would go to the bathroon 5-6 times a night & now i got only 2-3 times, even less, sometimes. So thank You for this product that appears to be helping me." - Andre W, Orange, NSW,  23 December 2006


"I feel Cernilton has helped me in the past few months, Before taking Cernilton I was getting up 5-6 times in the night to go to the bathroom, now I can manage with two to three times, which is a big improvement." - Andre W, NSW, 12th December 2006


"I have been using your product for six months and have found the results very satisfying. I now only get up once a night where I used to get up three to four times." - Jim H, NSW. 4th September 2006


"Cernilton for me has made a great deal of difference (Positive) for my old person's problems" - Dr Douglas, Mornington, Victoria. 23rd June 2006


"About ten years ago (I am now 60) I started having trouble with passing urine, as a result of an enlarged prostate. If I drank too much coffee, it became even more difficult.

I have been using Cernilton for about 1 year, and have noticed a very considerable improvement in that I cant remember having trouble passing urine recently, even at our work Christmas party when I had a bit too much to drink. I've also noticed that I only get up once during the night, whereas it was normally twice

I do believe your product helps me to manage my problem" - Roger M, SA 15th June 2006


"I used to have to wait for about 10 minutes each time to urinate, now it only takes 1 and a half minutes and I get a full stream. There is also a reduction in my urination frequency. Cernilton is a very very good solution for my prostate problem." -  Steven S,  Dandenong, Victoria.


"Before taking Cernilton, I had to get up 2-3 times a night especially in cold weather. It felt painful when I passed urine and there was blood in the urine. I found out about Cernilton after reading a small article in 50 plus news, I went to Chirnside Park Health Store to try 1 bottle of Cernilton. During the 3rd week, there was no more pain and no more blood in my urine and now the frequency is down to 1-2 times a night." - Nelson R, Victoria


"For the past 3 years I haven't had a good night's sleep, always having to get up at least 3 times every night. I decided to give Cernilton a go, and after the 3rd week, I've noticed a change in myself; last night and yesterday I didn't have to get up at all!"
- Robert J, Bundanoon, NSW

"I have been on Cernilton for about 3 to 4 months and at my age, was obliged to go to the toilet 4 to 5 times to urinate, during the night. Naturally you do not get a lot of sleep, in and out of bed. I am now happy to say that 'Cernilton' distributed by Graminex Australia has arranged all that, and i only need to relieve myself once or twice during the night. WELL DONE!" - Fred G, Victoria

"I suffered from frequent visits to toilet during the night, often having to get up 5 or 6 times. This not only disturbed my sleep but my wife's as well. Since taking Cernilton, the nightly visits to the toilet were drastically reduced. I now only have to get up once or twice depending on how late I have my final drink. I'm really glad to have seen the ad for Cernilton in the National Seniors Magazine." - Basil R, Victoria


"Cernilton has been beneficially in improving my sexual performance and also helping control prostatitis and nocturia. Cernilton is a good product and I have been using it for about 4 months and have noticed some definite consistent improvement in my health. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone with urology problems." - Ross D, NSW.


"Great Product" - Goodwin, Victoria.


"I did receive quite a lot of relief from the first bottle. Instead of visiting toilet ten times a night, I have got it down to five." - Lander, QLD.


"I would like to congratulate Graminex for such a good product as Cernilton, having to get up to 7 times a night due to prostate problems. I am now down to once or twice a night after 5 weeks treatment." - Rowney, NSW.


"This formulate does appear to have improved my urinary function." - Barkett, QLD.



From our international customers:


I had an enlarged prostrate problem in February this year, which resulted in as many as 12+ visits to the bathroom nightly. I came across this product whilst I was living in Australia, and visited the web site to learn of its applications. At present I am living in Indonesia.


I have been taking Cernilton now for 6 months, and after a slow start, (it took about 2 months to be really effective) I now visit the bathroom only once or twice nightly.  I also have been using some of the dietary supplements recommended on the instruction sheet that came with the product.

At 69 years old I have improved my quality of life and my general state of well being has changed dramatically.  I have been a long term sufferer of frequent colds and influenza, and I can honestly report that I have not had a cold since I started taking the Cernilton product coupled with some of the recommended supplements.


Well done to all concerned in designing this excellent product. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone with prostrate problems involving discomfort and/or frequent visits to the bathroom at night. - Peter G.B. , Jakarta, Indonesia 20 July 2007


After 6 months of taking Cernilton, I began noticing that I was getting up less often during the night to urinate, thank you for making this product. - M. Claxton Mississippi


Cernilton is a miracle drug!!! - S.P. Portland, OR


My PSA Levels went down since taking Cernilton. - J. Stony Arizona


My doctor told me about Cernilton I tried it and it works. - Matthew R. United Kingdom


I have been taking Cernilton for 5 years and have never had a cold for more than a day.

- D. Prange Saginaw, MI


 I take Cernilton for prostate health and it also helps give me energy. - H.F. Brussels


Cernilton has strengthened my immune system. - C.M. Montana


Thought I would say Cernilton has helped me to not have surgery for my prostate problem. It's a great product. - I.C. Las Vegas, NV


Cernilton has helped with my enlarged prostate and gives me energy to make it through the day. - David M. Colorado


I am 64 years old and I have been to my doctors recently to find out that I have an enlarged prostate. So I read more on it over the internet and came upon this product Cernilton.  Now I have been taking this for over 3 months and my PSA levels went down and I feel better then ever! Glad there is a product out there like this. -C.M.H.P. Mexico


Cernilton is working better for my prostate than the medicine my Doctor prescribed to me did. Ryan L. New York, NY


Being that Cernilton is made with pollen, and I am allergic to pollen I thought that it might increase my allergy problem; however the opposite happened, my allergy problems began to calm down and disappear. - B.D. Michigan


I have used many products for weight loss and none have worked, my husband has been taking Cernilton for his prostate and he was telling me about how it gives him energy too, I began to take it and with all the extra energy it gave me, I was able to exercise longer and not be tired resulting in losing a considerable amount of weight. - Aimee C. Delaware


I have been using your Cernilton for 2 years now; it is a very remarkable product. - John V. Boston, MA


I have suffered migraines a good portion of my life, a good friend swears that Cernilton cures all, so I took some of his and by gosh my migraine went right away, it's a miracle. - Jaclyn S. Utah


I heard that Cernilton was supposed to help with muscle tone, I feel stronger and healthier than ever. - Daniel F. Chicago, IL


Since taking Cernilton I have noticed that I am not as tired and exhausted as I used to be. - Betty C. Jacksonville, FL


Cernilton has helped me to feel years younger in many different ways. - Bill Rhode Island


For the past three years my sex life was a bit troubled, and I was having great difficulty.  After using Cernilton for a year I am back to normal. - Albert Z. Canada


Cernilton is really quite marvelous; so far it has kept surgery at bay for an enlarged prostate.  It works! - Frank L. Virginia


After taking Cernilton and having had heart surgery and heart problems in the past, my doctor now says that I have the heart of a young girl and I am 62! - Mary-Anne Connecticut


Thank you for Cernilton. - J.B. Nashville, TN


I suffered with nervous tension, I began to use Cernilton for prostate enlargement but found myself also getting back my health, energy, and personality.- Patrice J. Naples, FL


All that is said of Cernilton is quite true, I am 68 years old and I have more energy and less aches and pains than I have had for years. - G. Marx Germany




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"My doctor told me about Cernilton I tried it and it works." - Matthew R., United Kingdom

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  • BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Chronic Prostatitis
  • Nocturia

Each CERNILTON tablet contains:

  • 60 mg Cernitin T60 (water soluble pollen extract)
  • 3mg Cernitin GBX (fat soluble pollen extract)

Suggested Use:

  • 3 tablets a day

Price: A$50.95

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